Our focus is to keep Gloss healthy, growing, and serving the people using it. To help us accomplish that, we’ve identified three areas where we should prioritize our efforts: Infrastructure; production; and documentation, education, and outreach. Although the specific tasks will come and go, the general categories of work will remain the same.

To that end, our roadmap focuses on higher-level objectives that will help us accomplish our goals.

Q1: Processes and team organization

With our proposal to create a dedicated design system team approved, the early part of 2019 we’ll focus some of our time recruiting and hiring a full-time front-end developer/engineer that will be 100% dedicated to Gloss. The proposal also adds two other 50% dedicated Gloss teams members (from within UXO), so we’ll also spend early 2019 developing a plan for how we’ll organize ourselves to get work done as a team.

Q1 Goals

  • Hire new front-end developer
  • Establish team project management processes and release schedule
    • Identify metrics for measuring success. What do we measure—adoption, satisfaction, improved user experience? How do we measure it?
    • Plan for regular releases in specific time increments
    • Build in dedicated time for bug fixes, tackling technical debt, etc. at regular increments
  • Increase visibility of public backlog. Possibly use GitHub API to pull backlog info into the Gloss website.
  • Establish a process for soliciting community feedback on public backlog items to help us better prioritize new features and requests. For example, create a regular communications schedule for asking community members to visit the public backlog and up vote or down vote requests using built-in GitHub reactions feature.
  • Establish an official QA process for new additions and updates to existing components/patterns and document it in an easily accessible location

Q2: Gloss Community Workshops & information architecture overhaul

In the spring we’re planning the first Gloss Community Workshop. This workshop will be a one-day event where developers and designers can learn about Gloss, contribute to Gloss, and meet other developers using Gloss. We’ll be focusing on creating a workshop format that we can use going forward as we establish a regular (at least one per semester) workshop schedule.

In addition to planning and having our first community workshop, we’ll be reworking the information architecture of the the main Gloss documentation site. As Gloss has grown, it’s become clear that there’s a need for larger, more complex design patterns in addition to the current lower level components. We’re already in the early stages of design and planning for this IA overhaul. In the second quarter, we’ll build and launch these updates.

Q2 Goals

  • Create content plan for both tracks (Coding track and Tutorial track) of community workshop.
  • Communications and outreach for workshop
  • Restructure Documentation content to move toward high-level categories, e.g. Base styles, Components, Patterns, Templates

Q3: Summer 2019 production sprint

By summer our goal is to have the Gloss team up to full speed. In between the spring and fall semesters, we’ll focus most of our efforts on production, including designing and building more complex patterns and templates.

As part of this production sprint, we’ll spend some time exploring what the future of Gloss might look like. For instance, how will Gloss and the IU Style Guide eventually merge together?

Q3 Goals

  • Design, build, and document more complex design patterns, e.g. address form, date and time entry patterns, toolbars, complex navigation
  • Build and document common templates that can help developers get started building applications quickly without having to spend time making high-level layout decisions
  • Evaluate the Gloss code base architecture and create a proposal for how we might restructure the next major version of Gloss. We want to make it easier to incorporate parts of Gloss into other projects, so this next version should be less monolithic and more modular. For instance, we’ll explore how Rivet’s form styles would work in the IU Framework/Style guide or other marketing projects.

Q4: Fall Community Workshop and Gloss 2020

In the last quarter of 2019, we’ll hold another community workshop. In the early part of the fall, we’ll spend some time reflecting on what worked and what didn’t from our spring workshop, and we’ll make any needed adjustments to the workshop content.

Toward the end of 2019, we’ll have had almost a full year with a dedicated design system team and hopefully a bit more insight into what we might be able to achieve in 2020. We’ll spend time measuring what we’ve accomplished and evaluating what worked and what didn’t.

Q4 Goals

  • Create/revise content plan for both tracks (Coding track and Tutorial track) of community workshop.
  • Communications and outreach for community workshop
  • Gloss team retreat—planning for 2020 Roadmap